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"Go? Where?" "Isn’t it obvious? Australia!”

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Rin “It’s not like I wanted to share bed with you” Hotsuoka must be illegal

(he has a little blush on his cheek on the 4 pic too) 

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nanase haruka and matsuoka rin starring in who needs personal space?

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Artist: Rin arguing in English

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it was Haruka’s decision. it was his choice. Rin recommended the recreational pool because “no one without guts” would use the International one.

but knowing KyoAni — no, knowing any sort of literature with a good story & good writing — it’s not…

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Rin to the rescue! (。◕‿◕。

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  • me talking about ES 12 : this episode was great
  • fandom : b-but.. haru pro swim? no??? sudden!! ooc!!!! bad writing!! evil kyoani
  • me pointing at ES 12 : love this great episode


Look at this majestic heartbreaker! He looks so carefree and happy!

Under the assumption that most people usually avoid the cause of their pain and despair, and considering the difficult times he had in Australia, I always thought that Rin wasn’t too keen to be associated and reminded of Australia again. But boy was I wrong!

I loved ep 12 and it really hit home for me. Literally. To see these boys in your hometown with all kinds of familiar scenery so beautifully animated is the most surreal but wonderful experience. But what I loved most, was Rin. He is by far the most gentle, sincere, open, caring and supportive in this episode, and he is all these wonderful things in a place that should remind him of his pain and failures. But instead, he’s come out even stronger, better and faster than all of that. He’s overcome his demons and he’s absolutely determined to succeed this time. We really get to see how far he’s come along. People can complain about his development and character all they want, but I am nothing but proud of this boy. My heart is overflowing with love for Rin.

Oh and hopeful baby Rinrin trying to speak english is gold, pure gold. It will brighten up the darkest of my days, I’m sure of it!

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Welcome to Australia, Haru!

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"Rin says you only swim free."

Haru and English part 2

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In this place... forever... I want to keep swimming 

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